Hercules Hooks

Have you seen those hooks advertised on TV that you can push into a wall by hand and they’ll hold up to 150 pounds? They’re called Hercules Hooks and can be found online; just do a Web search for...

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Remember the little things


“Manufactured kitchen rollouts” to add storage in your kitchen are great to use and easy to install. But most people buy the wrong size. Make sure you take door hinges and other obstacles into account when you’re measuring (including drain pipes).

Get the grill going


Have you ever had a charcoal fire peter out before it really got going? OK, you can douse the charcoal with more lighter fluid, throw a match on it and enjoy the big fireball. A safer method is to take a hair dryer, turn it on high and aim...

Fire safety tips


Some aspects of fire safety is preparing for the worst, while the other part is simply common sense. That said, it’s still easy to forget about hazards that are right under our nose. For example, do you have a smoke detector in your basement or garage? If you think...

Write laundry instructions on your dryer

Tipman Tim: write laundry instructions with dry erase marker

Here’s a great way to keep your laundry from shrinking — write instructions on your washer or dryer with a dry erase marker. It’ll easily wipe off and it’s a great way to keep your helpful spouse out of trouble just in case the jeans make it into the...

Flipbelt for runners keeps stuff in place

Flipbelt keeps items in place when you run

My wife is a runner, and she loves this product. It’s a stretchy belt made to fit your odds and ends while you’re running, called the Flipbelt. It’s made of stretchy material with a sewn-in pocket that doubles over on itself so you don’t have to work about things...