A big box can hold Christmas wrappings

Instead of using an ugly trash bag on Christmas morning, consider wrapping a large box. People can throw their trash in it. It’ll look much better when you’re taking you are taking pictures.

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Make a perfect high-five

When you’re high-fiving, look at the other person’s elbow. You’ll get a perfect hit every time!

Shoe organizers hold lots of things

Shoe organizers are great for more than shoes. For example, keep your brochures straight at the doctor’s office.

Make your own garden art

Here’s an easy way to add some garden art. Go to a thrift store and look for some glass vases and serving trays. Then use clear-drying waterproof caulk to attach them end-to-end. You can also spray paint them for a pop of color. Cheap and easy!

Use a screw for a stem

Missing a stem when you picked out your pumpkin? Put a screw in the top to give yourself a handle. Plus, mark on the back of your top and the pumpkin so you know where the top lines up.

Use cork inside cabinets for important notes

Keep important notes, messages or recipes organized yet out of view by attaching cork to the inside of your kitchen cabinets.