A stylish soap dispenser with a Mason jar

Have you seen those blue Mason jars in local home improvement and craft stores? Pick up a package for some stylish projects around the house. One of them is this nifty soap dispenser. Just poke a hole in the...

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Use up that last bit of butter


When baking something that requires a stick of butter, save the wrapper and wipe down the pan before you bake.

Use a straw to clean up a strawberry

Use a straw to pop the green stem off a strawberry

Poke a straw up through the bottom of a strawberry for an easy way to take its top off.

Put your shower caddy on the opposite side of your shower


This is one of those “duh!” moments — it’s almost so simple, you can easily overlook it. But with a simple coat hook placed above the top of your shower, opposite from your shower head, you can keep all your shower stuff easy to reach and out of the...

Remember that important task


If you want to remember something in the morning, write it down and put it in the shoes you plan to wear the next day. (Note: This tip works best when you usually wear the same shoes each day.)

Call your credit card company fast


Save the phone numbers to your credit card companies in your phone. That way, if you lose your card, you can immediately call the bank and have them put a hold on your card.