About the Tipman

My name is Tim Thompson and I love tips. I especially love tips that can make peoples’ lives better in some small way. For five years I wrote a newspaper column, “Tips Tools and Tricks for Life.” This website contains Some of the best of those tips along with tips from my TV and radio appearances.  Unlike most tip websites which focus on some specific topic, my tips run the gamut. I hit on subjects like:

  • Home improvement
  • Personal finance
  • How to keep your husband from stealing your tools
  • How to get squirrels out of your attic without a BB gun
  • Why you should wear pantyhose on your head when you have a toothache – seriously.

You name it and I cover it. The only tip I’ve ever refused to publish was one a reader gave me on how to reduce hemorrhoid discomfort. It just grossed me out.

I have three requirements for a tip:

  1. It needs to be useful
  2. Most people shouldn’t be familiar with it.  (I basically don’t want you to read one of my tips and say, “Wow, Thompson, any moron knows that!”)
  3. It needs to be legitimate

The last requirement, being legitimate, has always been very important to me. There are a lot of bogus tips out there. Recently I was reading a national magazine that had a tip in it on how to determine if your microwave is leaking radiation. The tip claims all you have to do is put your cell phone in the microwave and then try to call it from another phone. If your cell phone rings, this indicates your microwave is leaking radiation. BOGUS! This baloney tip has been around for a while. I was seriously disappointed with this magazine for not researching and testing it before they published it.

I’m going to be dirt honest here. Not every tip on this website will be useful for you. In fact, I’m guessing that probably only 20 percent of them will ever be used by you during your life. So what about the other 80 percent of the tips on this website?  SHARE THEM WITH THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM THEM! (Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell). You see, to me that is the greatest thing about my addiction to collecting tips. I get to share them with people and help make their lives better. I may only help them in some small way, but it all counts. To badly paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, “Don’t count on the big successes, which rarely occur, to bring you happiness. It’s the small, daily improvements in your life that will.” So, I hope you enjoy this website, I hope some of these tips will improve your life and I hope you share them with others.

- Tim