Make fire starters out of egg carton, dryer lint

Use dryer lint and old sticks/dried hay to make easy fire starters

Dryer lint can wreak havoc on your dryer exhaust and be a real fire hazard, but it can also be useful when collected and used properly. If you have a wood stove or a fireplace, you can make your own fire starters with dryer lint and save a ton...

Use a piece of tile to even out wire shelves

Use a piece of tile to give wire shelves a flat surface

Are you tired of things falling through your wire shelves? Get a box of sticky-backed floor tiles and stick them to your shelves. Now, it will have a nice flat surface and things will stop getting stuck in the wires. Also, you can get a color to match the...

Make a perfect high-five

When you’re high-fiving, look at the other person’s elbow. You’ll get a perfect hit every time!

Shoe organizers hold lots of things

Shoe organizers are great for more than shoes. For example, keep your brochures straight at the doctor’s office.

Make your own garden art

Here’s an easy way to add some garden art. Go to a thrift store and look for some glass vases and serving trays. Then use clear-drying waterproof caulk to attach them end-to-end. You can also spray paint them for a pop of color. Cheap and easy!

Use a screw for a stem

Missing a stem when you picked out your pumpkin? Put a screw in the top to give yourself a handle. Plus, mark on the back of your top and the pumpkin so you know where the top lines up.

Use cork inside cabinets for important notes

Keep important notes, messages or recipes organized yet out of view by attaching cork to the inside of your kitchen cabinets.

Keep pot lids organized with hooks

Use simple adhesive hooks on the back of a cabinet door to keep your pot lids organized. No more digging around for the right lid! You can also use this for certain baking pans you may use all the time, like a cooling rack or a muffin tin.

Keep hair supplies organized with magnetic tape

Use a strip of magnetic tape in your bathroom to keep small items like bobby pins straight and organized.

Use Press ’n Seal to keep small items organized


Headed on a trip? Use sheets of Glad Press ’n Seal to keep your jewelry or other small items organized when you’re packing. Simply lay down a sheet, put your items on it, then press a second sheet on top. Genius!

Spray painting made easier with thumb tacks

TipmanTim_tacks to paint

I love a product called Painter’s Pyramids, but when working with smaller items, like picture frames, you can instead use thumb tacks to keep the item off the ground while you’re painting it. This way, your paint won’t get stuck to whatever it is your item is sitting on...

Use shoe organizers to keep other items straight

Shoe organizers aren’t just for shoes! Use them on the back of a closet door to store cleaning supplies, in your laundry room to store ironing and washing supplies, in the kids room to plan outfits for coming days, or in the craft room to keep small items organized. You...