Ice it down

Ice often is the cure all for many aches and pains, but it’s important to ice properly or you could cause more damage. Here are a few tips on keeping your ice in place and easy to access the next time you have an injury.

First, always keep a bag of peas or corn in your freezer. Either one makes a great ice pack that you can use on swelling — just make sure you label the bag as an ice pack and don’t eat the vegetables!

Second is a silly tip, but it’s too good not to share. A friend of mine had some teeth removed, and the dentist told him to keep ice packs on both sides of his face. At first he held them, then put them in a towel and tied it around his head — this didn’t work well, either. Then he had a stroke of genius: He took a pair of his wife’s panty hose, cut out eye holes and a mouth hole, and put them over his head. Next he put the two ice packs inside, beside his face. He said it worked great.

But if you decide to use this tip, just make sure you don’t answer the door or let anyone take a picture of you. You’ll never live it down.

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