Put your tail up

There are many different driving tips out there, and everyone has an opinion, but here are a couple tips that I have found to be true and helpful out there on the road.
Does driving with your truck’s tailgate down improve gas efficiency? No. This is a myth that’s been around for a long time. Lowering the tailgate actually decreases gas efficiency. The lowered tailgate can also cause ‘rear lift,” which is where there is less weight on the back tires, making the truck less stable. Reports from Ford and Chrysler confirm this. There is another tip going around that you can avoid getting caught by red light cameras if your tailgate is down. The belief is that the tailgate will block the camera from seeing your license plate number. I can neither confirm nor deny if this works. That’s all I’m going to say …
In recent years there have been mishaps with a few auto makers and some people seem to be worried about a car with a “sticking” accelerator? I had this happen to me several years ago. I was on a major highway and I have to tell you, it was scary. Fortunately I knew the proper way to handle it — there are perks to being the Tip Man.
First I put my foot underneath the gas pedal and pulled it up, toward me. This was able to work well enough that the car slowed down and I was able to pull it off to the side of the road. If this hadn’t worked, I would have immediately put my car in neutral.
If for whatever reason this hadn’t worked, I would have turned the ignition off. In case you’re wondering how my accelerator got stuck, turns out a bunch of wasps had built a nest in my engine compartment right next to my throttle lever. When I pulled the pedal back toward me, it pulled the throttle lever out of the nest it was stuck in.
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