Safety is the best policy

tongsI like to sprinkle my fun and handy tips with some that could save your life, or at least from injury.
If you are in the market for a turkey fryer with Thanksgiving coming up there are a few, actually many safety tips to follow. One idea is to try an electric fryer instead of a propane one. They’re a lot safer, easier to use and the turkey tastes just as good. Although they are not as prevalent as the propane ones, so you’ll need to call around to different home stores to see who has them.
To save your hands in the kitchen, I prefer using welders gloves instead of wimpy oven mitts; they work better and they’re safer. But before you pull out your welders gloves, consider using your long kitchen tongs. Tongs are a great way to move things around in your oven without ever having to put your hands in harms way. (I actually caught my wife trying to move biscuits around in a hot oven with a little fork and no gloves. At least she carries duct tape in her car).
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