Use car wax on your kitchen stove

Use wax on your stove

Wipe on a layer of car wax on your stove after cleaning it. This will make it easier to wipe up spills and baked-on food. Plus, it will get super shiny. (Note: This is a tip for the serious cleaners. The wax won’t keep spills from happening, it will...

Magical toothpaste

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The reason toothpaste was created was to scrub the germs and such off your teeth, so of course it is abrasive in nature which in turn lends toothpaste as a way to clean lots of things around the house like your car’s headlight covers. It’s easy to take your...

Tricks for car trouble


Most of us have had the experience of a car overheating on the highway, or plenty of other mishaps while driving. And many of us are currently planning trips for the holidays right now, so it’s best to keep a heads up on your vehicle. If you’re traveling down...

Clip and save


These days everyone is clipping coupons and saving a little bit of cash. My wife and I clip coupons regularly, especially for restaurants. This is one of those tips that is so simple, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it: When you clip restaurant coupons, be sure to...

Shocking solution

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Do you get shocked every time you get in or out of your car? The simple solution is to spray your car seats with Static Guard. The static build-up is what’s shocking you. Static Guard is especially helpful in the winter months.

Just hop away

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Summer storms and hurricanes will be on the forecast soon, do you know what to do if a power line falls during a storm? If you ever have a power line fall on your car, stay inside unless the car catches on fire. If you have to get out,...

Air it out


This bogus tip is making its rounds on the Internet. It’s actually a video clip that shows how you can easily remove small dents from your car with a hair dryer and a can of compressed air, (the kind you use to clean your computer keyboard). The video instructs...

Stream your music

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A lot of older cars can’t receive Bluetooth, but they may have an AUX port. If yours does, try the GOgroove adapter. It will take the Bluetooth signal from your smartphone and send it to your car’s radio. The reason I like the Bluetooth option so much is because...

Keep your hood on


Another great use for duct tape! To keep your car hood in place in a pinch, use duct tape! It would have looked classier if he’d matched the duct tape color with the car…

Buying a car?

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Before you step into a car dealership to buy a car, you need to have your financing figured out. You should already have shopped interest rates and found the best deal you’re eligible for. The car dealer will offer you financing; just tell them the best deal you found...

April Fools! Phone can’t unlock car


April Fool’s Day is a perfect time to share some of the tips that I’ve tested that are 100% bogus. It seems everyone has an idea on how to do most anything but I took the time and tested the theories. Here are a couple tested and bogus tips...

Easy mechanics

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Just because your car has a little hiccup doesn’t mean you have to go visit the mechanic! Many easy fixes can be done in your own driveway. Do you have a fast-blinking turn signal? If you do, it means you have a bulb that has either burned out or...