An easier way to cook asparagus


I love asparagus on the grill, but hate it when it falls through the grate. So here’s a simpler way to cook it. Skewer the asparagus pieces together with some skewers so they form a little raft. This not only keeps them from falling through, but also makes them...

Peel garlic with a big shake

Hate keeping the skins off garlic? Use this method to clean them. First, smash the clove and cut off the ends where the cloves were attached to the root. Then, place the cloves in a container (I use an old plastic screw-top rice container, but any container with a...

Easy eggs with a waffle iron

Make easy eggs in a waffle iron

For a fun, easy way to make eggs, use your waffle iron! Figure a little more than one egg per side; three eggs will easily fill a double waffle iron. Close the top (but don’t latch it). The eggs will cook up nice and fluffy.

A better way to peel garlic

better way to crush garlic

There is a neat tip going around about the best way to peel garlic, but I have an improvement on it. Basically, the tip goes like this: Crush a head of garlic with your hand and separate the cloves. Put them in a bowl, cover it with an inverted...

Great for baking: Silicone trays, mats

Use silicone muffin trays to keep them from sticking

When I recommend a product it’s because I’ve tested it and it WORKS, not because someone is paying me to talk about it. If you’re in the market for some new bakeware, pick up a silicone muffin tray and a baking mat. They can take extreme heat and they...

Use gum to keep from crying over onions


Do you cry when you slice onions? There are many solutions, but the one I’ve been using recently is the gum method. Simply chew a piece of gum while you’re slicing and you won’t get all teared up.

Spill proof

photo (16)

What do you do if you spill a bottle of cooking oil on the floor? First you pour some flour over the spill and let it sit for a couple of minutes. The flour will absorb most of the oil, and you can simply sweep it up with a...

Cooking the turkey


When lifting the cooked turkey to transfer it to a cutting board, consider using two large wooden spoons. Put the large part of the spoons into the turkey, one at each end. Lift gently and transfer. I like this method because it greatly reduces the likelihood of you getting...

Hands-free reading


Here is a great idea for how to hang a recipe while cooking. Screw a clothes pin onto the back of a kitchen cabinet’s face frame. Simply turn the clothes pin up when not in use.

Easy clean-up


I love outdoor grilling. Two quick grilling tips: First, never wear long-sleeve shirts when grilling. The cloth can catch on fire. Second, apply non-stick cooking spray to the grill’s rack before you begin cooking. This will keep your meats from sticking to the grill and make for easier cleanup....

Hot stuff

If you have an older oven, it’s not a bad idea to buy an oven thermometer. You can get a quality one for less than $10. Why? Most ovens’ internal thermometers go bad after a couple of years. You could be overcooking your food without realizing it.

That’s a wrap

A lot of people love to cook and watch TV at the same time. If you’re one of those folks, be sure to wrap your TV’s remote control with clear plastic wrap before you start cooking. There’s nothing worse than a greasy remote control.