Use gum to keep from crying over onions


Do you cry when you slice onions? There are many solutions, but the one I’ve been using recently is the gum method. Simply chew a piece of gum while you’re slicing and you won’t get all teared up.

Cooking the turkey


When lifting the cooked turkey to transfer it to a cutting board, consider using two large wooden spoons. Put the large part of the spoons into the turkey, one at each end. Lift gently and transfer. I like this method because it greatly reduces the likelihood of you getting...

The perfect cut


If you’ve ever carved a pumpkin using a detailed pattern, you know the hassle involved with transferring the pattern onto the pumpkin. The old method was to tape the pattern to the pumpkin and then make small holes along the outline of the pattern. Well, there’s an easier way....

Halloween tips: Make a pattern


It’s a recent trend for people to cut intricate patterns into their pumpkins. It’s extremely easy to mess up and accidentally cut off a piece of pumpkin that you had not intended to cut. If you do this, the fix is simple: Get a toothpick and break it in...

Cut it up

OK, you’ve just cooked a pizza in your oven, you get ready to serve it and you realize that you don’t have a rolling pizza cutter. What do you do? Simple, use scissors.

Beware bacteria

If you’re going to be working with raw meats in the kitchen, make sure any cut on your hand is covered with a bandage. Also, make sure you wear rubber gloves. This applies even if you just have a paper cut. If you’re not careful, the bacteria from the...

Halloween tips: Keep a lid on it

Always cut your pumpkin’s lid on an angle. If you don’t, the lid will fall into the pumpkin. Make sure that you include a notch on the lid when cutting it (don’t make a perfect circle), which will make it easier to determine how the lid goes back on.

A clean swipe

Deanna Campbell gave me a tip on a better way to cut brownies. She said a simple plastic knife will do a better job than any regular knife, and that she keeps a plastic knife in one of her kitchen drawers for just this purpose. Well, I didn’t believe...