Decorate for the holidays on the cheap

Holiday decorating on the cheap: Use red, green or gold spray paint on branches and pine cones. You can also spray paint empty boxes and bows.

Creative Halloween ideas


For years I have been giving out Halloween tips and tricks because it’s one of the most fun holidays of the year! Here’s a great idea for decorating your house this Halloween. Raise your garage door and cover the entrance with a large white sheet. Use duct tape to...

Look good, feel good

At some point in your life you’re probably going to want to hire an interior designer to help you with decorating your house. There are two really important things to remember when finding a designer. First, ask for references from some of their past clients. The good designers won’t...

Halloween tips: Crime “scary” investigation

Do a chalk outline of one of your family members on the driveway. Put some caution tape around it and you’ve created a CSI-style crime scene.

Pumpkins on ice


Create a festive ice bucket by cutting off the top half of a pumpkin and cleaning it out. The bigger the pumpkin the better.

Halloween tips: Leave the light on

To create a spooky entrance to your house, consider changing your regular porch lights out for green or red lights. You can also buy a cheap screw-in device from your local home improvement store that will automatically flash your porch lights. Cool.

Halloween tips: Welcome little ghouls

You can create your own scary Halloween doormat. Start by buying a cheap, blank doormat from a home improvement store — they usually cost less than $15 — and spray paint a spooky message on the doormat. You can either use a stencil or do it freehand.

Halloween tips: Scary movie night

Here’s a great idea for decorating your house. Raise your garage door and cover the entrance with a large white sheet. Use duct tape to hold it in place. Borrow a computer projector and hook it up to a laptop computer. With the computer projector inside the garage, aim...

Snag that balloon

I hosted a party and had a professional decorator come in and decorate. She was creating balloon centerpieces when one of the balloons she had filled up with helium escaped and went to the ceiling (the room had 30-foot ceilings). I said to her, “Well, I guess that balloon...