duct tape

Get that splinter out!

3 ways to remove a splinter

You don’t always need to grab some tweezers to get a splinter out of your skin. Yes, they are the go-to method, but there are a few other ways that work just as well (or better, depending on the angle of the splinter or how deep it is). And...

Duct tape decorates water bottles

(Image source: http://www.designdazzle.com/)

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a big impression. Take this idea for decorating plastic water bottles with duct tape at your next party. Duct tape comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns, and you can coordinate with the colors of your party or team.

A sharp picture

plasma TV

Buying a plasma HDTV as a Christmas present this year? When taking it home, you need to keep it standing up straight. The glass on plasma TVs can easily break if laying down. The best way to haul it home is to put it in the back of a...

Look the other way


There is a device on the market that the slime balls of the world know about but unfortunately most of the good people don’t. It’s called the Reverse Peephole Viewer. Originally developed for law enforcement as a way to see in homes and hotel rooms to assess any danger,...

Duct tape or electrical tape?


Do I really have to choose between these two great types of tape? Well, actually, I do, depending on the use. (Although, if I really had to choose, I’d certainly pick duct tape in a heartbeat.) Electrical tape is made so that instead of burning, it will melt. You...

Creative Halloween ideas


For years I have been giving out Halloween tips and tricks because it’s one of the most fun holidays of the year! Here’s a great idea for decorating your house this Halloween. Raise your garage door and cover the entrance with a large white sheet. Use duct tape to...

Light bright


My favorite household product is perfect to help out around the house with light bulbs! If you think that sounds impossible, just keep reading. Have you ever found it hard to remove a light bulb from track lighting or recessed lighting? (Someone may have put the wrong bulb in...

Safety on the road and at home


The importance of personal security is at an all time high and over the years I have come up with some great ways to stay safe at home and on the road because you never know when a predator is on your tail. There is a device on the...

Duct tape in the garden


If you have a small- to medium-sized branch break off of a tree or bush during a wind storm, use duct tape to repair it. Most branches will graft themselves while the duct tape holds it in place. The duct tape also will keep bugs and infection out of...

Light bulbs and duct tape


Duct tape always comes in handy but especially when removing or trying to reach a light bulb. Have you ever found it hard to remove a light bulb from track lighting or recessed lighting? (Someone may have put the wrong bulb in there). Wrap duct tape, sticky side out,...

Keep your hood on


Another great use for duct tape! To keep your car hood in place in a pinch, use duct tape! It would have looked classier if he’d matched the duct tape color with the car…

For the love of duct tape


Duct tape, as you know, is one of my favorite products and I also love peg boards for any room — in your garage, basement, kitchen pantry, etc. But over the years I’ve had people tell me that they don’t like using peg boards because you can’t hang things...