Make fire starters out of egg carton, dryer lint

Use dryer lint and old sticks/dried hay to make easy fire starters

Dryer lint can wreak havoc on your dryer exhaust and be a real fire hazard, but it can also be useful when collected and used properly. If you have a wood stove or a fireplace, you can make your own fire starters with dryer lint and save a ton...

An easier way to cook asparagus


I love asparagus on the grill, but hate it when it falls through the grate. So here’s a simpler way to cook it. Skewer the asparagus pieces together with some skewers so they form a little raft. This not only keeps them from falling through, but also makes them...

Get the grill going


Have you ever had a charcoal fire peter out before it really got going? OK, you can douse the charcoal with more lighter fluid, throw a match on it and enjoy the big fireball. A safer method is to take a hair dryer, turn it on high and aim...

Fire safety tips


Some aspects of fire safety is preparing for the worst, while the other part is simply common sense. That said, it’s still easy to forget about hazards that are right under our nose. For example, do you have a smoke detector in your basement or garage? If you think...

Hot stuff


Don’t sterilize sponges in the microwave. A study by the Journal of Environmental Health claimed that doing this killed 99.9 percent of the bacteria. But you could also catch it on fire if it’s not sufficiently damp. Just stick it in the dishwasher.

Inside the lines


Who doesn’t like to burn stuff. OK, sorry, I’m really not the kind of person to just set fire to things. but I was excited to test a tip that said you could use a crayon as a candle. Turns out — yes, you can! Although, I’ll admit, this...

Know your firefighter


A fireman shared with me a tip that could save your children’s lives. In a house fire, young children will run away from a firefighter because of fear and try to hide. This can be deadly if they are not found in time. Make sure your kids understand that...

Easy clean-up


I love outdoor grilling. Two quick grilling tips: First, never wear long-sleeve shirts when grilling. The cloth can catch on fire. Second, apply non-stick cooking spray to the grill’s rack before you begin cooking. This will keep your meats from sticking to the grill and make for easier cleanup....

Fire up the snacks

The next time you go out into the wilderness, make sure that you take a bag of Fritos or potato chips. Not only can you use them as snacks, but they make great fire starters. It’s the oil in them that does the burning.

Bring out the baking soda

If the fire in your fireplace is getting out of control, don’t throw water on it – that will just cause hot ash and steam to come back at your face. Instead, throw baking soda on it.