Organize balls, toys with bungee cords

Stretch bungee cords between two sections of shelves to keep balls organized in the garage. Or, use the same idea in a child’s bedroom to keep their stuffed animals up and off the floor.

Keep track of your drill chuck

This tip is for keeping track of your drill chuck tool or a special tool on a stationary tool, like a drill press, lathe, table saw etc. I keep my drill chuck tool chucked up when not using the drill, but when using the drill, I put it on...

It’s a new year, so get cleaning!


It’s always a good time to get organized after the holidays are over, the garage, basement and outdoor areas can always use a little TLC. • In an unfinished basement, use wire closet shelving underneath the ceiling joists. The added bonus is that you can see what’s stored up...

Sort it out


I like to hang electrical cords and water hoses high up and out of the way. The easy way to do this is to get a long PVC pipe and a spring clamp. Attach the clamp to the end of the pipe, forming a V at the top of...

Keep your garage floor clean


There’s nothing I hate more than putting a fresh coat of concrete sealant on your garage floor, and then having your car leak nasty oil all over it. Well, I have some tips on how to keep that floor looking new again. First, if the stain is fresh, pour cat litter...

Grease monkey


Do you know how to remove garage grease? It’s a hard stain to clean but there are a number of tips on how to remove grease spots from your garage floor. This is one of the better ones: For fresh stains, just pour cat litter on it. If the stain...

Stay with the stain


 Are you ready to paint or stain your garage floor? If you have an ugly, gray, oil-stained cement garage floor, I highly recommend you stain it. You can get concrete stain in a variety of colors, and it greatly enhances the look of your garage. It’s also easy to clean....

Not just for surgeons anymore


I love surgical gloves, they are so versatile and can be used for so many jobs around the thouse. Believe it or not, you can find these rubber gloves at a home-improvement store. Keep them in your workshop and use them for messy jobs like painting. Also, keep some...

Organize your garage


The garage is one of the spaces that can quickly get cluttered; here are some easy ways to keep your garage clean and organized. Keep your hoses straight by putting them over coffee cans or buckets that have been screwed into a wall. This is one of the best garage/basement...

Clean up your garage


 Get creative with your exposed studs in the basement or garage. You can put slightly angled half-inch pipes in them and store scrap wood.

Garage Busters

Any time of year is a good time to organize and clean out your garage. Cleaning your workspace when the seasons change, also is a perfect time to pack things away and get out certain tools and yard equipment for the next season. With fall approaching quick, here are...

Who doesn’t love a clean workbench?


I like to keep my workshop pretty neat and clean. Once things start to get messy, it’s easy to lose important pieces. And, it can get dangerous. So here are some ideas for simple ways to keep little things organized in your basement, garage, shed, or anywhere that you...