The glove gripper


Use a large binder clip to hold a pair of work gloves together. You can hang the work gloves from your peg board by taking one of the “handles” of the binder clip and putting it on a peg sticking out from the board.

Favorite kitchen gadgets


People are always asking me about my favorite kitchen gadgets, so I put together a small list of some of my must haves. Most of these kitchen gadgets can be found at the hardware store funny enough. Gloves: In the kitchen, I prefer using welders gloves instead of wimpy oven...

No more wimpy mitts


In the kitchen, I prefer using welders gloves instead of wimpy oven mitts; they work better and they’re safer. But before you pull out your welders gloves, consider using your long kitchen tongs. Tongs are a great way to move things around in your oven without ever having to...

Duct tape as car floss?


You all know that one of my favorite products is Duct Tape and the uses are endless for the handy product. Here are a few ideas on when to use magical Duct Tape. It’s easy to get food crumbs between your car seats and hard to remove them. Duct...

Saving green in the garden


Fall is just as important as spring to prepare your garden ready for cooler temps. Here’s a great tip on buying a water hose. If it flattens when you step on it, don’t buy it. Spend the extra money and avoid the cheap hoses. Trust me on this one,...

A good grip


If you know somebody who wears work gloves for a living, this tip is for them. When you wear work gloves, you’ll find that one will wear out faster than the other, (usually the right one). After you wash them, turn the gloves inside out. Now when you wear...

Not just for surgeons anymore

I like surgical gloves. Believe it or not, you can find these rubber gloves at a home-improvement store. Use them in your workshop for messy jobs like painting. Also, keep some in your kitchen. You can use them for messy things like mixing a salad or making meatloaf.

Super solvent

If you get some super glue stuck to your skin, here’s how you get it off. Apply some acetone-based nail polish remover to a cotton ball and hold it next to your skin until the glue comes off. Here’s another tip. Always keep a supply of latex gloves in...