For Halloween: Make a tiny Batmobile

Be the coolest parent on the block with this makeover for one of those Playskool cars. Full disclosure: the woman who did this says the bat decal/paint was the hardest part, and she shares tips on how to do it here. But if you can find a sticker that...

The Halloween countdown


In just about 24 hours the trick-or-treaters will be knocking on your door! Are you ready? Here are some last minute ideas to get you ready! To create a spooky entrance to your house, consider changing your regular porch lights out for green or red lights. You can also...

Halloween tips: Pumpkin bleach


After carving your pumpkin, wipe your pumpkin down with a mixture of water and bleach. You can also just spray it with Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner with Bleach. Bottom line is, the bleach helps prevent mold, will kill bugs and will keep your pumpkin looking good longer. Make sure you...

Clean the wounds


Here are some last minute Halloween tips as we head to the big day this week! To help keep your pumpkin from drying out, spray all of the cuts you made to it with WD-40. The WD-40 basically seals the cuts. Have you pulled together a great doormat for...

Halloween tips: Keep it safe


Finally, remember to change out your flashlight batteries and get some reflective tape for your kids’ costumes.

Freaky Friday: Pumpkin haters unite!


Do you hate the hassle of cleaning a pumpkin? Consider using a “Funkin.” It’s an artificial carve-able pumpkin that you can find at craft stores, or you can order online at www.funkins.com. The nice thing about Funkins is that your carving efforts will last long after Halloween! Important: Don’t use...

Spooky and stylish!


I’m sure you’ve decorated a little for Halloween already but if you need a few more ideas, I have a few easy ones! Do a chalk outline of one of your family members on the driveway. Put some caution tape around it and you’ve created a CSI-style crime scene....

Take your pumpkin carving to the next level


Carving the traditional Jack-O-Lantern face onto your annual pumpkin is so dated these days. Halloween fanatics really have begun taking their pumpkin carving to the next level. Consider scraping some of the skin off of the pumpkin for a cool effect. You can use a vegetable parer or linoleum cutter...

The perfect cut


If you’ve ever carved a pumpkin using a detailed pattern, you know the hassle involved with transferring the pattern onto the pumpkin. The old method was to tape the pattern to the pumpkin and then make small holes along the outline of the pattern. Well, there’s an easier way....

Halloween tips: For the kids only


Remember to wrap one of your hands with duct tape, sticky side out. Now when you put your hand in a candy bowl you’ll get three times as much candy!

Tipman Tim this week on Fox 5


If you live in the Atlanta area, tune in to Fox5 ATL during the 9 a.m. hour all this week, starting Monday, for some great Halloween tips! But in the meantime here are a few Halloween ideas that I love. To create a spooky entrance to your house, consider...

Halloween tips: Make a pattern


It’s a recent trend for people to cut intricate patterns into their pumpkins. It’s extremely easy to mess up and accidentally cut off a piece of pumpkin that you had not intended to cut. If you do this, the fix is simple: Get a toothpick and break it in...