Spray painting made easier with thumb tacks

TipmanTim_tacks to paint

I love a product called Painter’s Pyramids, but when working with smaller items, like picture frames, you can instead use thumb tacks to keep the item off the ground while you’re painting it. This way, your paint won’t get stuck to whatever it is your item is sitting on...

A moldy mess

By the way, you should always get a professional to clean up after a major water accident. Odds are that you won’t be able to remove all of the water because you don’t have the right gear to do it. The water that you don’t remove will contribute to...

Who doesn’t love coffee?


While poking around on the Web the other day, I discovered a neat list of alternative uses for coffee grounds. Since I go through a pound or so a month (and that’s only because I try not to drink more than a cup a day!), I thought I would...

Smells great!


If you want to minimize the new paint smell in your house, add a little vanilla extract to your paint can before you start painting.

The scoop on Home Inspectors

home inspector

Home Inspectors are a special group of professionals and a few bad seeds have muddled up the industry for home buyers. Make sure the next time you use a home inspector that you know these insights into the industry. The biggest misconception about home inspectors is that they get...

it’s a cat door!


In my house, we keep the litter box downstairs in the basement. But because the door to my basement is in a hallway, I hate leaving it open. Enter: The cat door. A friend of mine who is into woodworking put it together. The only trick with this is...

Freshen up

If you’re getting ready to have some people over to entertain, check out your house’s smell. (Most people forget to do this). Take the trash out, put a lemon or detergent down the garbage disposal and add some fresh flowers to your living room.

Neighborhood watch

To find out what homes in your neighborhood have sold for, check out the website and