Arm your first-aid kit with a red washcloth


This one is such a great idea I have to share it right now. Keep a red washcloth in your first aid kit. That way, if you’re tending to a child’s cut, they won’t freak out because it’s a red washcloth!

Use monster spray to keep fears at bay

Monster Spray

Are your kids scared of the Boogeyman under the bed? Mix up some “Monster Spray” and squirt it under the bed or in the closet. Everybody can go back to sleep now.

Use Vick’s to ease nighttime cough

Juice box holders

To help lessen a nighttime cold or cough, rub Vick’s VapoRub on your child’s feet before they go to bed, then have them wear socks.

BOGUS! Avoid the foil decorations

It’s a nice idea, I know — sit around the kitchen table with the kids and craft some beautiful, handmade ornaments your family will cherish for years. Well, don’t be fooled. There are some instructions going around the Web for “How to make a foil ornament,” using sticky-backed HVAC...

Laundry list

clothes dryer

To keep your children’s clothes straight on laundry day, put one dot for the oldest, two dots for second oldest, and so forth, on their clothing tags. When you hand clothes down one generation, just add a dot!

Halloween tips: For the kids only


Remember to wrap one of your hands with duct tape, sticky side out. Now when you put your hand in a candy bowl you’ll get three times as much candy!

Read your kid’s blog

3d illustration of computer technologies. concept notebook

The internet is a great tool, but it can be dangerous. Especially today with our children on every social media platform. It’s always best to keep a close eye on your internet security. Did you know it’s so easy for people to post bad things about you, including personal...

Clear Ears

Shop it to me

It’s summer time and for some families that means ear infections from swimming. If you or your children have a problem with water getting trapped in your ears, the solution is a product called Clear Ears. They’re small sponge-like earplugs that you put in your ears AFTER swimming. The...

Know your firefighter


A fireman shared with me a tip that could save your children’s lives. In a house fire, young children will run away from a firefighter because of fear and try to hide. This can be deadly if they are not found in time. Make sure your kids understand that...

Perfect bug jars


I’d like to thank Christine for this great tip: “My three kids collect bugs, moths, caterpillars, worms, etc. They like to bring them in the house and “love” them overnight. We were always taking spare margarine tubs or cool whip containers to hold their bugs, but escape and air...

An easy way to recycle


Are you always reminding your children to recycle soda cans? A friend of mine the same problem getting his kids to recycle their soda cans. Even though they only had to walk out to the garage to put the cans in the recycling bin, they wouldn’t do it. Solution: ...

Moms do the darndest things

TipmanTim_school bus

I have to give kudos to my sister-in-law for the great way she’s raised her kids. They’re well behaved, do well in school and laugh at their uncle’s jokes. Recently my nephew, who is in the eighth grade, let his grades slip from A’s to B’s. His mother warned...