Use cork inside cabinets for important notes

Keep important notes, messages or recipes organized yet out of view by attaching cork to the inside of your kitchen cabinets.

Use a plastic bin to keep lower cabinets organized

Don’t just toss your items into those cabinets! Instead, use a clear plastic bin to hold them all together. You can even stick a label on the outside so you know what’s stored in it (and for others to know, too).

For your next cookout, keep ketchup under control

The next time you’re refilling your plastic ketchup bottle, swap the tops with the bigger container to make it easier to pour. Granted, this tip works best when you (a) use a plastic squeeze bottle for your home ketchup usage and (b) buy ketchup from a bulk store, like...

An easier way to cook asparagus


I love asparagus on the grill, but hate it when it falls through the grate. So here’s a simpler way to cook it. Skewer the asparagus pieces together with some skewers so they form a little raft. This not only keeps them from falling through, but also makes them...

Remember the little things


“Manufactured kitchen rollouts” to add storage in your kitchen are great to use and easy to install. But most people buy the wrong size. Make sure you take door hinges and other obstacles into account when you’re measuring (including drain pipes).

Peel garlic with a big shake

Hate keeping the skins off garlic? Use this method to clean them. First, smash the clove and cut off the ends where the cloves were attached to the root. Then, place the cloves in a container (I use an old plastic screw-top rice container, but any container with a...

A few slices and you've peeled an orange with no mess

  Now, I always challenge myself to peel an orange in one solid peel, but if you hate getting pith under your fingernails, try this method. Follow the directions below to easily section an orange.

Leftover Peeps? Roast them!

Stuck with leftover Peeps? Make them into s'mores

Stuck with too many Peeps after Easter? Set up a family campfire this weekend and make them into s’mores!

Easy eggs with a waffle iron

Make easy eggs in a waffle iron

For a fun, easy way to make eggs, use your waffle iron! Figure a little more than one egg per side; three eggs will easily fill a double waffle iron. Close the top (but don’t latch it). The eggs will cook up nice and fluffy.

Use up that last bit of butter


When baking something that requires a stick of butter, save the wrapper and wipe down the pan before you bake.

A stylish soap dispenser with a Mason jar

Mason jar soap dispenser

Have you seen those blue Mason jars in local home improvement and craft stores? Pick up a package for some stylish projects around the house. One of them is this nifty soap dispenser. Just poke a hole in the top of a jar’s top with a hammer and nail...

EZ Off Jar Opener


I don’t get paid for my product reviews, so when I like something, you know it’s because I simply found it to be a good product. I feel that way about the EZ Off Jar Opener. There are a lot of mediocre tips on how to open a stuck...