Spray painting made easier with thumb tacks

TipmanTim_tacks to paint

I love a product called Painter’s Pyramids, but when working with smaller items, like picture frames, you can instead use thumb tacks to keep the item off the ground while you’re painting it. This way, your paint won’t get stuck to whatever it is your item is sitting on...

Yellow means caution


Use only white paint rollers instead of the yellow ones. Why? The white ones shed less lint.

Paint and skate


Do you have baseboards you need to paint? Instead of constantly bending over, get your kid’s skateboard. Sit on it cross legged and roll on it with your paint and brush! 

Painters Pyramids

Shop it to me

Here is one of the best gadgets I’ve ever tested. It’s not high tech at all — it’s just a simple, ingenious idea: Painters Pyramids. You see, whenever you’re painting something like a door, bookshelves or a sculpture, you have to paint one side, let it dry, and then...

Unzip the windows

Are your windows stuck because of a sloppy paint job? Use a ‘window zipper” to loosen them. The tool can be found BY CLICKING HERE and hardware stores.

Painters Pyramids

Shop it to me

Gadgets don’t have to be high-tech. One of my favorites — somethign that’s so simple you smack your head and say, “Why didn’t I think of that? — is Painters Pyramids. These plastic triangles will prop up your painting project so you can paint underneath, without having to wait...

Save your skin

Here’s a paint tip you’ve probably never heard before. Take a deep breath and blow on a can of paint before you put the lid back on. Your carbon dioxide will keep the paint from oxidizing and forming a layer of skin on it.

Swab the deck

If you have a few spots on your walls to touch up with paint, consider using a cotton swab instead of a brush. It’ll save you the hassle of cleaning the brush afterward.

Step by step

Painting basement steps presents a puzzling dilemma: If you paint from the top down, you’ll be stranded in the basement until the paint dries. If you paint from the bottom up, you have to work practically upside down. Next time, try this: Paint every other step the first day...

Bent out of shape?

My buddies on the WGST-AM radio show ‘ToFixIt” gave me this tip: Before you install a new wooden door, make sure the top and bottom edges are painted. This helps make sure your door won’t warp!

Kissable windows

I once suggested that you coat window panes with petroleum jelly before you start painting to keep the paint off them. Good tip, but someone gave me a better one: Use lip balm to coat the window panes!