Duct tape decorates water bottles

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Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a big impression. Take this idea for decorating plastic water bottles with duct tape at your next party. Duct tape comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns, and you can coordinate with the colors of your party or team.

Party on…but know when to stop


On New Year’s Eve especially, please be well aware of how much you and your friends have had to drink. We all know someone that always has a bit too much to drink which taking a load off at a party. Not only is this dangerous for them if they leave...

Set your priorities


Prioritize your time during the holidays. Determine what activities are important to you and then schedule them. Don’t overschedule, which can cause stress, and have the determination to say no to activities that you just don’t have time for. If you’re the person who always plays host to the...

Clean up!

Cleaning supplies with bucket

With gray skies and cold days, it’s sometimes hard to get yourself motivated to do anything. But with holidays upon us and random pop-in visits, it’s good to keep your house tidy and any loose ends cleaned up. So I’ve compiled a few ways to help get you motivated,...

Up, up and away


I hosted a party and had a professional decorator come in and decorate. She was creating balloon centerpieces when one of the balloons she had filled up with helium escaped and went to the ceiling (the room had 30-foot ceilings). I said to her, “Well, I guess that balloon...

Game Day isn’t for rookies, plan ahead


Game day isn’t for rookies Finally, college football will kick off tomorrow and many of you have been waiting all summer for the football festivities to begin. To make your tailgate party a success, I have a few simple ideas to make it easier for you and your guests....

Throw a pineapple party!


You really can’t go wrong with this idea, even on the Fourth of July. A nice fruit platter and display is a great addition to any party or barbecue with friends. I’m not even going to bother to explain it — you can work it out for yourself. Just...

Flutter Fetti Launcher

Shop it to me

The next time you host a party, pick up a Flutter Fetti Launcher. It’s basically a 3-foot tube stuffed with streamers and confetti. A small CO2 canister is attached to one end and when you turn a valve, the confetti and streamers shoot out of the tube and go...

Derby days


Are you hosting a gathering this weekend to watch the Kentucky Derby. It’s one of my favorite sporting events of the year and the kick off of the Triple Crown. If you are drinks, consider using a colander to hold the ice. I hate it when I’m at a party...

No fishing


Are you hosting a Daytona 500 party today? If you are setting out ice for drinks, consider using a colander to hold the ice. I hate it when I’m at a party and I go to get ice for my drink and it’s floating in water. If you’re hosting...

Just in case…


Are you going to have a big New Year’s Eve party at your house? Get your guest toilets professionally snaked before the party! It’s not expensive and a backed-up toilet at a party is embarrassing for everybody involved. I’ve seen it happen.

Again with the party tips


Sorry, but I love summer parties. But it’s not just the pool and the grill that I love, it’s all the neat things you can do for your guests. Take serving your drinks, for example. Skip the big square coolers and instead buy a cheap plastic swimming pool. There...