Keep pot lids organized with hooks

Use simple adhesive hooks on the back of a cabinet door to keep your pot lids organized. No more digging around for the right lid! You can also use this for certain baking pans you may use all the time, like a cooling rack or a muffin tin.

Use Press ’n Seal to keep small items organized


Headed on a trip? Use sheets of Glad Press ’n Seal to keep your jewelry or other small items organized when you’re packing. Simply lay down a sheet, put your items on it, then press a second sheet on top. Genius!

For Halloween: Make a tiny Batmobile

Be the coolest parent on the block with this makeover for one of those Playskool cars. Full disclosure: the woman who did this says the bat decal/paint was the hardest part, and she shares tips on how to do it here. But if you can find a sticker that...

Use a plastic bin to keep lower cabinets organized

Don’t just toss your items into those cabinets! Instead, use a clear plastic bin to hold them all together. You can even stick a label on the outside so you know what’s stored in it (and for others to know, too).

For your next cookout, keep ketchup under control

The next time you’re refilling your plastic ketchup bottle, swap the tops with the bigger container to make it easier to pour. Granted, this tip works best when you (a) use a plastic squeeze bottle for your home ketchup usage and (b) buy ketchup from a bulk store, like...

Protect your specs

If you wear glasses and you’re getting ready to paint, you should wear goggles. If you don’t have any then consider putting plastic wrap over your lenses. The plastic wrap will keep the paint off of your glasses.

Help your credit card get read


If your credit card doesn’t read well when it’s swiped, cover it in a plastic bag, or run a piece of cellophane tape along the stripe. It will help the card reader make the connection to the magnetic stripe.

Just Zip it


Have you seen those late-night commercials advertising Green Bags? These bags supposedly can keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer. The bags are supposed to be specially made so they absorb ethylene gas, which contributes to spoilage. I tested the bags myself and found resealable plastic bags worked just as...

Use two boards


A good tip is to use the plastic board to cut raw meats and the wooden one for everything else. The difference in their physical appearances will remind you to not cross-contaminate.  (It’s really better just to cut your veggies first before you even pull the meat out of...

Seeing is easy


Ziploc makes big bags that can be used for easy storage & most importantly, you can see inside them.  Store seasonal items in them or even dog food to keep bugs out.

That’s a wrap

A lot of people love to cook and watch TV at the same time. If you’re one of those folks, be sure to wrap your TV’s remote control with clear plastic wrap before you start cooking. There’s nothing worse than a greasy remote control.

Shine, don’t whine

Make sure you use a plastic funnel when you pour drain opener down your sink or tub. Why? Most drain openers have harsh chemicals that can damage the finish of your chrome or brass. Trust me on this one — I learned it the hard way!