Clean your oven door


I saw a tip recently about how to clean your oven door. The only problem with it was that most oven doors are made of multiple layers of glass, so if you have some smudges or stains between them, it’s impossible to get out. My oven has an outer glass...

Remove permanent marker from your clothes

TipmanTim_permanent marker

If you get permanent marker on your clothes, there are several ways to easily remove it. First, if you have a dry-erase marker handy, I know for a fact it will remove the permanent marker from most fabrics. Also, alcohol will remove pretty much any kind of permanent ink...

Hats off to home improvement


If you’re going to remove a nail from a wall, make sure you have your baseball cap with you. Take the baseball cap and put the brim of it directly below the nail. Put the hammer so that the claw part of it is on the nail and the...

Better on sandwiches


This is one of my absolute favorite Halloween tips and it may even come in handy for you tomorrow! One day, when I was on a radio show, a woman called in and said her young son had put permanent marker all over his face on Halloween. She said...

Sick of ticks?


Old wives tales to get rid of ticks, such as using a hot match or applying petroleum jelly or liquid soap, simply don’t work. You need to pull the tick straight out with tweezers. Don’t twist it or its mouth will separate and stay in the skin. But if...

Sticky situation


I frequently get asked how to remove stickers off of new things that you buy at the store. Before you run out and get a bottle of Goo Gone — which, trust me, is really great stuff — try these tips first and save a few bucks. Use a...

Disappearing ink

WD-40 can remove temporary tattoos from your skin. (Don’t ask how I know this.) And if you’ve never heard, this amazing product can remove nail polish from your hardwood floors. I love WD-40 almost as much as I love duct tape!

Helps paint move, too

A friend called me the other night with a dilemma. He had accidentally spray painted one of his new leather shoes and wanted to know how to get the paint off. I suggested WD-40 and he gave it a shot. It worked like a champ. The WD-40 didn’t even...

A light swap

Have you ever found it hard to remove a light bulb from track lighting or recessed lighting? (Someone may have put the wrong bulb in there). Wrap duct tape, sticky side out, on your thumb and first two fingers. Stick them against the bulb and turn.

Get the grease out

When I was about 4 years old I wanted to be just like my dad. I can remember watching him put Brylcreem in his hair every morning and wishing I could do the same. (For those too young to know, Brylcreem gave men that greasy look). One morning I...

Forget the floss

If you have a ring stuck on your finger, there are several things you can do to get it off. The easiest method is to just hold your hand up in the air for a couple of minutes. See if the reduced blood flow is enough to loosen the...

Fat free

Want to remove excess fat from the surface of your soup or stew? Just lay a piece of lettuce on top of it. The lettuce will absorb the fat and you can simply throw it away.