Have the best-smelling cans…and other scented tips


Forget spending a ton on those fancy-schmancy room scents. I’ve wasted so much money over the years buying various things that plug into the wall that when I’m at the store — faced with a wall of refill containers — I can never remember what I have or haven’t...

Why am I obsessed with the smell?


Perhaps it’s the heat, but I’m obsessed with things smelling lately, then I also realized I had a few tips to help to keep odors at bay. So I thought I’d share (hey, it’s all about sharing, you know?)  To remove the odor and exfoliate at the same time,...

Who doesn’t love coffee?


While poking around on the Web the other day, I discovered a neat list of alternative uses for coffee grounds. Since I go through a pound or so a month (and that’s only because I try not to drink more than a cup a day!), I thought I would...

Don’t get stuck with a stink


I posted on Facebook the other day about a way to make your stinky socks smell better (soaking them in vinegar or vodka), which got me thinking about other common household items that can remove smells. Lemons are a great natural cleanser, and work great for a stinky garbage...

Keeping it fresh


I don’t mind the act of taking out the garbage. Instead, it’s simply pulling the trash bag out of the can. Well, that is, until I realized a couple simple ways to freshen up the can. First, car air fresheners are a great way to add a nice scent...

Sleepy-time smell

Put a fabric softener sheet in your sleeping bag before storing it. The bag will smell much better the next time you use it.

Halloween tips: Smells like pie

Before you light your pumpkin on Halloween, sprinkle some cinnamon on the underside of the lid. The pumpkin will have a pumpkin pie smell when the heat of the candle reaches the lid.

Freshen up

If you’re getting ready to have some people over to entertain, check out your house’s smell. (Most people forget to do this). Take the trash out, put a lemon or detergent down the garbage disposal and add some fresh flowers to your living room.

Un-mark the spot

When a new puppy or kitten “marks a spot” in your house, it’s important to get the smell out. One of the best ways to do this is to apply vinegar. Just make sure to test the vinegar on a small hidden area first to make sure that it...

Easy deer repellent

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but deer seem to be getting pretty bold lately. I saw several of them come out in broad daylight and eat my neighbor’s flowers. I’ve been told this is due to a lack of food for them, and they’re being forced to come...

Freshly recycled

Instead of throwing away those perfumed ads you find in magazines, hang on to them. Put them in the bottom of your trash cans around the house. You’ll have the best smelling trash cans in your neighborhood!

Good morning

If you use baking soda to remove refrigerator odors, I have a cheaper option for you. Use leftover coffee grounds. Just place the wet coffee grounds on a plate and set in the refrigerator. When the grounds are dry, replace them.