Unstick that screw

If you ever have a screw that is stuck and doesn’t want to budge, put your Phillips screwdriver on the head of the screw and gently tap the head with a hammer. This should loosen up the screw. If not, remember that you can attach an adjustable wrench to...

EZ Off Jar Opener


I don’t get paid for my product reviews, so when I like something, you know it’s because I simply found it to be a good product. I feel that way about the EZ Off Jar Opener. There are a lot of mediocre tips on how to open a stuck...

Don’t be a sap


If you have any Christmas tree sap stuck on your hardwood floors, try WD-40 before using the harsher chemicals.

Sticky zippers?


There are all kinds of tips on how to deal with a zipper that sticks. My personal favorite is to use shampoo — that’s right, I said shampoo. Just put some on the end of a cotton swab and use it to grease the zipper. One plus is that...

Easy mechanics

blinker front

Just because your car has a little hiccup doesn’t mean you have to go visit the mechanic! Many easy fixes can be done in your own driveway. Do you have a fast-blinking turn signal? If you do, it means you have a bulb that has either burned out or...

Incredible eggs

It’s really annoying to get home from the store and discover that one of your eggs is stuck to the egg carton. To unstick it, fill the carton with cool water and let it sit five minutes. The water will soften the dried egg white that is holding the...

Stop the vacuum

Have you ever tried to pull a trash bag out of a trash can and it seemed stuck? This is caused by a vacuum forming between the bottom of the trash bag and the trash can. A neat tip to make this task easier is to drill several holes...

What’s the flap about?

Is your toilet chain getting stuck under your flapper? Put half of a straw on the chain. No more flapper problems.

What can’t WD-40 fix?

Do your kids have some Lego blocks that seem permanently stuck together? Use some WD-40 to unstick them. Just spray it on the seam and gently work the pieces apart.

Forget the floss

If you have a ring stuck on your finger, there are several things you can do to get it off. The easiest method is to just hold your hand up in the air for a couple of minutes. See if the reduced blood flow is enough to loosen the...

Another use for floor mats

Have you ever gotten your car stuck in the mud? Before calling a tow truck, try a neat little trick with your car mats. Take them and put them in front of the tires that are stuck. Make sure you put the “pointy” side down. When you hit the...