Keep hair supplies organized with magnetic tape

Use a strip of magnetic tape in your bathroom to keep small items like bobby pins straight and organized.

A perfect fit


When you bring home fresh flowers, if they aren’t tall enough for the vase, stick the stems into straws. You can cut the straws to the exact height that you want. Next, put clear tape across the top of the vase in a cross-hatched pattern. When you put the...

BOGUS! Avoid the foil decorations

It’s a nice idea, I know — sit around the kitchen table with the kids and craft some beautiful, handmade ornaments your family will cherish for years. Well, don’t be fooled. There are some instructions going around the Web for “How to make a foil ornament,” using sticky-backed HVAC...

Halloween tips: Keep it safe


Finally, remember to change out your flashlight batteries and get some reflective tape for your kids’ costumes.

Vapon Topstick


Ever heard of Vapon Topstick? If you’re a man who wears toupees you have. It’s the double-sided tape that holds toupees in place. This cool product also can be beneficial for women. They can use it to keep their feet from sliding in sandals and mules, and it also...

No crutch needed


If you have brought all your outdoor potted plants in for the winter, this is a good tip for you. If the plant gets a broken stem, just apply a splint made of toothpicks and tape…preferably duct tape!  

Picture perfect


Use the thumbtack method for figuring out where to put your picture frame hook. Put a piece of double-sided tape on the back of the picture where the hook would be, then put a tack on the tape. Position the picture and then push the tack in. You now...

Keep smiling

The next time you go to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned, ask the hygienist to use glide floss instead of the tape kind. Tape does a better job of cleaning, but it can do some damage to your gums. (Especially if the hygienist is in a bad...

Put a handle on it

If you’re going to temporarily tape something and want to easily remove the tape later, lay the last piece of tape down and fold it back on itself so you have a little handle.

A tight situation

Have you ever had a situation where you needed to install a screw in a really tight location? A tight location where you couldn’t fit your hand in to hold the screw and get it started? The next time that happens, remember this tip. Take a piece of clear...

Don’t get zapped

There is a proper way of putting a wire nut on. Don’t wrap wires together first. Instead, keep them parallel, put the wire nut on top and then turn it. There should be no need for electrical tape.