Around the House

A stylish soap dispenser with a Mason jar

Mason jar soap dispenser

Have you seen those blue Mason jars in local home improvement and craft stores? Pick up a package for some stylish projects around the house. One of them is this nifty soap dispenser. Just poke a hole in the top of a jar’s top with a hammer and nail...

Save trees while drying your hands


There is a TED talk about ways we can make the world a better place, including using fewer paper towels when we wash our hands at a public restroom. Instead of grabbing a handful of paper, shake your hands off — a lot — and when you pick up...

A better way to hang a shower caddy

Install a coat hook at the foot of your shower to hold your shower caddy. It’ll not only be easier to reach, but it will also keep drier and have less mildew over time.

Too many T-shirts? Here’s one way to wear them all

Tipman Tim

Spring is in the air!  Or here in Atlanta pollen is in the air.  I guess the warm temperatures (at times — after all, I do live in Atlanta where it’s 70 degrees one day and 36 degrees the next) have whipped my wife into a spring cleaning frenzy. ...

Arm your first-aid kit with a red washcloth


This one is such a great idea I have to share it right now. Keep a red washcloth in your first aid kit. That way, if you’re tending to a child’s cut, they won’t freak out because it’s a red washcloth!

Wash your veggies in the water (then use the water on the plants)

Set up a plastic colander inside a larger bucket to wash your veggies before you bring them in from the garden. Then, re-use the water on the plants still in the ground.

Store your earbuds


Need a handy place to store your earbuds and phone charger? Use a pop-top gum canister.

Keep your glasses safe and above water

Use Styrofoam to keep glasses afloat

If you worry about losing your glasses overboard the next time you’re on a boat, this is the tip for you. Get a couple pieces of Styrofoam (I found some packing material) and cut it into two pieces about an inch wide and 3-4 inches long. Cut a slit...

Don’t be a sap


If you have any Christmas tree sap stuck on your hardwood floors, try WD-40 before using the harsher chemicals.

Mineral oil to the rescue


A problem with basement floor drains is that the water in them can evaporate and sewer gases can enter your house.  What is the simplest way to prevent this from happening?  Put some mineral oil in the drain.  The oil will form a barrier on the surface of the...

A sharp picture

plasma TV

Buying a plasma HDTV as a Christmas present this year? When taking it home, you need to keep it standing up straight. The glass on plasma TVs can easily break if laying down. The best way to haul it home is to put it in the back of a...

Hats off to home improvement


If you’re going to remove a nail from a wall, make sure you have your baseball cap with you. Take the baseball cap and put the brim of it directly below the nail. Put the hammer so that the claw part of it is on the nail and the...