Fresh Paint

Remove fingernail polish from an enamel sink


A fan once asked me how to remove fingernail polish or glue from an enamel sink. Since enamel and Formica are man-made products unlike stone or granite, some chemicals could damage it. What I would suggest and have used to remove old caulking is a “new” window scraper razor...

Painting tip: Pour your paint easier


Grab a lid from an old can of paint and a piece of hose. Any kind of hose, even from an old garden hose or an old washing machine water hose, will work. I drilled a hole in the lid slightly smaller than the hose and used tin snips...

No more paint build-up


Before you start painting, take a large rubber band and put it around the paint can so the band is stretched over the opening. Instead of wiping your paint brush over the edge of the can, wipe it over the rubber band instead. You’ll keep paint from building up...

Painting tip: More than a rubber band


I have been painting lately and used my tip involving a rubber band over the top of the paint can to wipe the brush.  It does work, but you have to be very careful not to put too much pressure at the end of the bristles, loading the rubber...

Yellow means caution


Use only white paint rollers instead of the yellow ones. Why? The white ones shed less lint.

Clean up paint spills

paint bucket_tipman

Use baby wipes to clean up fresh paint spills (actually, most anything wet will wipe up latex paint).

Painter’s spray booth


If you’re painting a small item with spray paint, make yourself a “spray booth” out of an old cardboard box. Set it on its side with the top facing you. Cut a square in the top and  place it underneath a shop light to illuminate whatever you’re working on....

Keep it smooth


I was painting my porch railing reentry and my paint was getting dried up. I added some water to thin it (latex paint) and started stirring. But it was taking forever. I thought, “I wish I could blend it” because it had some lumps. Well, I attached a hand-mixer...

Protect your specs


If you wear glasses and you’re getting ready to paint, you should wear goggles. If you don’t have any then consider putting plastic wrap over your lenses. The plastic wrap will keep the paint off of your glasses.

Paint and skate


Do you have baseboards you need to paint? Instead of constantly bending over, get your kid’s skateboard. Sit on it cross legged and roll on it with your paint and brush! 

Smells great!


If you want to minimize the new paint smell in your house, add a little vanilla extract to your paint can before you start painting.

Unzip the windows

Are your windows stuck because of a sloppy paint job? Use a ‘window zipper” to loosen them. The tool can be found BY CLICKING HERE and hardware stores.