Get organized

Organize your quilting fabric with file folders

Tired of seeing piles of cut fabric in your sewing room? Then use file folders to keep the fabric organized. Cut the folders in half and drape the fabric over the tops of them. This is a great tip for people who do quilting, since they often deal with...

Organize balls, toys with bungee cords

Stretch bungee cords between two sections of shelves to keep balls organized in the garage. Or, use the same idea in a child’s bedroom to keep their stuffed animals up and off the floor.

Use a plastic bin to keep lower cabinets organized

Don’t just toss your items into those cabinets! Instead, use a clear plastic bin to hold them all together. You can even stick a label on the outside so you know what’s stored in it (and for others to know, too).

Easy under-the-bed storage with drawers

Attach small casters onto the bottoms of old drawers for instant under-the-bed storage. I recommend heading to a thrift shop and getting a piece of furniture with drawers for cheap. That way, you can just spray paint them the color you want, or just leave them as-is — they’re...

Keep wrapping paper organized

Use a wire shelf, set vertically behind your closet door frame, to keep your wrapping paper organized. Don’t have a wire shelf? You can also use a piece of scrap wood or even a bungee cord.

Little things add up

This is a great tip for the person who has a bunch of small tools sitting on their workbench. Buy a foam block from a craft store and mount it to your workbench. Take your small tools and stick them into the foam. It works great for knives, screwdrivers...

Single-serve toothpaste, bug spray, etc.

Keep toothpaste, etc., in a straw

If you’re planning a camping trip, this is a handy tip to keep small portions of things like toothpaste, lotion, etc., safe and easy to access. Fill a straw (or a portion of it) and then heat the metal ends of needle-nose pliers. Use the heated pliers to  clamp...

Store your earbuds


Need a handy place to store your earbuds and phone charger? Use a pop-top gum canister.

Up in the air


I like to hang Christmas wreaths, electrical cords and water hoses high up and out of the way. The easy way to do this is to get a long PVC pipe and a spring clamp. Attach the clamp to the end of the pipe, forming a V at the...

Try a little bite

spray paint

We are headed to the beloved holiday season and I’m sure you have so much to do and prepare for, which may seem daunting. If you have a task to do that you don’t want to do, try the 10-minute trick. Just work on it for 10 minutes in a...

The glove gripper


Use a large binder clip to hold a pair of work gloves together. You can hang the work gloves from your peg board by taking one of the “handles” of the binder clip and putting it on a peg sticking out from the board.

Save your seeds


Are you a seed saver? It’s a great idea to save your seeds from the garden from season to season and one of the best places to store them is in the freezer. I learned this tip from a friend of mine that has always kept her seeds in...