Get organized

Little things add up

This is a great tip for the person who has a bunch of small tools sitting on their workbench. Buy a foam block from a craft store and mount it to your workbench. Take your small tools and stick them into the foam. It works great for knives, screwdrivers...

Single-serve toothpaste, bug spray, etc.

Keep toothpaste, etc., in a straw

If you’re planning a camping trip, this is a handy tip to keep small portions of things like toothpaste, lotion, etc., safe and easy to access. Fill a straw (or a portion of it) and then heat the metal ends of needle-nose pliers. Use the heated pliers to  clamp...

Store your earbuds


Need a handy place to store your earbuds and phone charger? Use a pop-top gum canister.

Up in the air


I like to hang Christmas wreaths, electrical cords and water hoses high up and out of the way. The easy way to do this is to get a long PVC pipe and a spring clamp. Attach the clamp to the end of the pipe, forming a V at the...

Try a little bite

spray paint

We are headed to the beloved holiday season and I’m sure you have so much to do and prepare for, which may seem daunting. If you have a task to do that you don’t want to do, try the 10-minute trick. Just work on it for 10 minutes in a...

The glove gripper


Use a large binder clip to hold a pair of work gloves together. You can hang the work gloves from your peg board by taking one of the “handles” of the binder clip and putting it on a peg sticking out from the board.

Save your seeds


Are you a seed saver? It’s a great idea to save your seeds from the garden from season to season and one of the best places to store them is in the freezer. I learned this tip from a friend of mine that has always kept her seeds in...

Clean up your garage


 Get creative with your exposed studs in the basement or garage. You can put slightly angled half-inch pipes in them and store scrap wood.

A slick idea

All-ett wallet

Over the years I’ve had people share a number of “laminating” tips with me. Here are a few of my favorites: 1) Laminate a memento and use it as a bookmark. A concert ticket, movie stub or airline ticket can work. 2) Laminate a memento from the previous year...

More shower space


Need more storage for your shower items? Get one of those shelves designed to hang from your shower head arm, but instead you can hang it from a cabinet knob screwed into a stud above the tiling on the shower stall.

Hot stuff


Use a hot glue gun to hold peg board hooks to the peg board. The glue is pliable enough that you can pull the hooks off if you really want to.

Organize on the wall


Peg boards are wonderful for storage. You can put them in all kinds of places, including on the back of doors. I highly recommend putting a wooden bin at the bottom of each peg board. Make it out of scrap wood. You need the bin to store all of...