In the kitchen

Cupboard turned into chalkboard

Here’s a fun project. Paint a panel (or more) in your kitchen with chalkboard paint and use it for notes. Turn a drawer pull upside-down and use it to hold the chalk. I’ve also seen the inside of a cupboard door painted in chalk paint, with reminders on the...

Use a plastic bin to keep lower cabinets organized

Don’t just toss your items into those cabinets! Instead, use a clear plastic bin to hold them all together. You can even stick a label on the outside so you know what’s stored in it (and for others to know, too).

Get the grill going


Have you ever had a charcoal fire peter out before it really got going? OK, you can douse the charcoal with more lighter fluid, throw a match on it and enjoy the big fireball. A safer method is to take a hair dryer, turn it on high and aim...

Office prank: Head in a jar

Office prank: Put a head in a jar for the fridge

Here’s a great way to scare your co-workers (or, at the very least, protect your lunch from getting pillaged). Make a head in a jar! You’ll need a few things for this: 1) A large jar, like from pickles 2) A copier and a willing face 3) some food...

Peel garlic with a big shake

Hate keeping the skins off garlic? Use this method to clean them. First, smash the clove and cut off the ends where the cloves were attached to the root. Then, place the cloves in a container (I use an old plastic screw-top rice container, but any container with a...

Freeze popsicles upright

Freeze popsicles upright for a clean cut

For a mess-free cut, freeze your popsicles standing up in the freezer rack. Brilliant!  

Store kitchen items on the diagonal

Store your drawer items on the diagonal

Tired of either putting your utensils in a container, standing up on your counter, or piled in a drawer? Take it one step further and make your drawer storage on the diagonal for a better way to organize odd-shaped items.

Sharpen your skills

Do you know how you can tell if your kitchen knife needs sharpening? Take a piece of paper and, while holding one end, slice ribbons of paper from the other end. If the knife doesn’t easily cut through the paper, you need to sharpen the blade! Speaking of cutting,...

Leftover Peeps? Roast them!

Stuck with leftover Peeps? Make them into s'mores

Stuck with too many Peeps after Easter? Set up a family campfire this weekend and make them into s’mores!

Buy in-season food for best deals


Usually you can buy things out of season to save money, but the opposite is true with food. You need to buy it in season to get the best prices.

Clean your oven door


I saw a tip recently about how to clean your oven door. The only problem with it was that most oven doors are made of multiple layers of glass, so if you have some smudges or stains between them, it’s impossible to get out. My oven has an outer glass...

An easier way to clean your oven door

Unhook your oven door

Sometimes it’s easier to clean the inside window glass on your oven door when you have a different angle. And it’s easy enough to remove the door to do it. Inside the door, move the little latch on both sides from the “up” position to the “down” position with...