Ingenious Parents

Recycle an old TV cabinet into a dog house

Here’s a great way to recycle an old TV cabinet: Turn it into a dog house!

For Halloween: Make a tiny Batmobile

Be the coolest parent on the block with this makeover for one of those Playskool cars. Full disclosure: the woman who did this says the bat decal/paint was the hardest part, and she shares tips on how to do it here. But if you can find a sticker that...

Buy in-season food for best deals


Usually you can buy things out of season to save money, but the opposite is true with food. You need to buy it in season to get the best prices.

Use monster spray to keep fears at bay

Monster Spray

Are your kids scared of the Boogeyman under the bed? Mix up some “Monster Spray” and squirt it under the bed or in the closet. Everybody can go back to sleep now.

Use Vick’s to ease nighttime cough

Juice box holders

To help lessen a nighttime cold or cough, rub Vick’s VapoRub on your child’s feet before they go to bed, then have them wear socks.

Use juice box corners to hold the box

Juice box holders

Pull up the little triangles on either side of the juice box to give your kids something to hold on to (and no squirting back at them).

Baby can bathe in a basket

Baby in bathwater

When giving your small child a bath in a tub, put them and their toys in a plastic laundry basket so their toys won’t float out of reach.

An easy way to recycle


Are you always reminding your children to recycle soda cans? A friend of mine the same problem getting his kids to recycle their soda cans. Even though they only had to walk out to the garage to put the cans in the recycling bin, they wouldn’t do it. Solution: ...

Clamp down on manners

photo (2)

Do you have a child who throws their plate of food? If so, you can use a ratcheting clamp that you can find at any hardware store. Just clamp the child’s plate to the table. I actually learned of this tip when I was eating in a fancy restaurant...