Make your life easier

A big box can hold Christmas wrappings

Instead of using an ugly trash bag on Christmas morning, consider wrapping a large box. People can throw their trash in it. It’ll look much better when you’re taking you are taking pictures.

Water your Christmas tree the easy way

Two no mess ways to water your real Christmas tree: Use ice cubes or use a no-drip turkey baster.

A bucket of fun for the guy in your life

Consider this gift for the hard-to-buy-for man in your life: Five gallon bucket with a variety of low priced, cool guy items. (i.e., headlamp flashlight, new measuring tap, duct tape, new work gloves, Slim Jim’s, etc.)

Mix up your cereal before you get to the bottom

Don’t you hate it when you get to the bottom of the cereal box and you’r left with nothing but crumbs? Next time, when you first open the cereal bag, flip it upside-down and start from the bottom. That way, the crumbs and broken pieces will be more evenly distributed throughout...

Hercules Hooks

TipmanTim_Hercules Hooks

Have you seen those hooks advertised on TV that you can push into a wall by hand and they’ll hold up to 150 pounds? They’re called Hercules Hooks and can be found online; just do a Web search for the name. My friend Terri Crumley tried them out and...

Goo Gone

Goo Gone is the best product I’ve found for removing sticky residue. It easily removes price tag stickers and can even remove the sticky residue from where you had an IV line attached to you arm! If your local home improvement store doesn’t carry it, you can find it...


This is one of the most unusual products I’ve ever run across, but it works great. The LavNav is a device that fits on the underside of your toilet lid. At night it detects motion and turns on a light that shines down on your toilet. The light is...

Too many T-shirts? Here’s one way to wear them all

Tipman Tim

Spring is in the air!  Or here in Atlanta pollen is in the air.  I guess the warm temperatures (at times — after all, I do live in Atlanta where it’s 70 degrees one day and 36 degrees the next) have whipped my wife into a spring cleaning frenzy. ...

Make that credit card connection


If your credit card doesn’t read well when it’s swiped, cover it in a plastic bag, or run a piece of cellophane tape along the stripe. It will help the card reader make the connection to the magnetic stripe.

Wash your veggies in the water (then use the water on the plants)

Set up a plastic colander inside a larger bucket to wash your veggies before you bring them in from the garden. Then, re-use the water on the plants still in the ground.

A better way to peel garlic

better way to crush garlic

There is a neat tip going around about the best way to peel garlic, but I have an improvement on it. Basically, the tip goes like this: Crush a head of garlic with your hand and separate the cloves. Put them in a bowl, cover it with an inverted...

Tales from the Tipman: Keep fit with a Fitbit

The Fitbit captures your movements and the number of steps you take in a day.

I don’t know about you, but I hate to exercise. My wife just loves it. Some people are just sick I guess. To me it feels like work. I do it for the obvious health benefits, but I’ve often wished someone would just make it fun. I may have...