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Everyone’s a critic

12 cinemas

Tired of going to see a movie and it turns out to be a dud? Well, here’s how you can prevent that. Go to the website www.mrqe.com. The “mrqe” stands for Movie Review Query Engine. The site collects reviews from movie critics on current and previously released movies. If...

Take away your cookies


Here’s a little known fact about airline and hotel websites. These sites will put a “cookie” on your computer that remembers what you’ve purchased in the past and how many times you’ve visited the site. When you get a quote from one of the sites, go to another computer,...

Not appealing

Most of the chain-mail e-mail tips I’ve gotten over the years have been bogus. For example, there have been e-mails going around for years stating the best way to peel a banana is from the bottom. By doing this you allegedly don’t peel off any strings. Baloney ' you...

Question the “doctor”

Unfortunately there are a lot of con men out there and they love to hang around the medical field. If someone is trying to talk you into some medical treatment that’s not recommended by your doctor, you’d better do your homework. You can start by checking out the website...

Upgrade your iPod

Have you got an iPod sitting around the house you’re not using? Do you want to upgrade to a newer one? In either case, check out the website www.nextworth.com. They buy old iPods. You input the details of your iPod into the website and they’ll tell you how much...

Act like you know everything

At a newspaper, the assignment editor is the person who decides on the news stories and gives out assignments to reporters. They also are expected to know everything. The website www.assignmenteditor.com was developed to be a research tool for these overworked individuals. Check it out, because it can be...

For the bookworms

Do you have a large collection of books in your library at home? If so, there’s a cool new website that can help you out: www.librarything.com. The site allows you to easily catalog your complete library online. All you have to do is to put in the title, author...

The price is right

There’s a cool website out now called www.biddingfortravel.com. The sole purpose of this site is to give you an idea of what prices are being accepted and rejected on Priceline.com. The website helps you do a better job of bidding.

Get linked in,

If you find a website you really like and you want to find other similar sites, go to Google and type in 'Link:" and the name of your website after it. Leave no spaces. This command will give you all of the websites that link to your favorite website....

Get the inside scoop

Have you ever wanted to get some inside scoop on a doctor or hospital that you’re considering using? Check out www.healthgrades.com. For a nominal fee you can get a report that shows patients’ feedback and whether any governmental action has been taken against them.

Feel better

My wife, who is a physical therapist, told me about the website www.wrightstuff.biz. WrightStuff carries a lot of great products for people whose hand strength has been diminished, like gas cap wenches, enlarged lamp switches and doorknob grippers.

Deal of the day

If you’re looking for internet deals, check out the website www.dodtracker.com. It’s a listing of the hottest deals on the Web and how long they’ll last.