Save trees while drying your hands


There is a TED talk about ways we can make the world a better place, including using fewer paper towels when we wash our hands at a public restroom. Instead of grabbing a handful of paper, shake your hands off — a lot — and when you pick up...

Wash your veggies in the water (then use the water on the plants)

Set up a plastic colander inside a larger bucket to wash your veggies before you bring them in from the garden. Then, re-use the water on the plants still in the ground.

Better on sandwiches


This is one of my absolute favorite Halloween tips and it may even come in handy for you tomorrow! One day, when I was on a radio show, a woman called in and said her young son had put permanent marker all over his face on Halloween. She said...

Kindle tip


Summer is just around the corner, so I have been coming up with new tips for the season. Have you ever been laying down on a lounge chair, getting tanned while reading your Kindle?  If so, you know that it gets tiresome holding the Kindle above the sand.  Here’s...

Flaming spaghetti


If you need to light your gas grill and don’t have a long match, take a raw piece of spaghetti and light the end of it. The spaghetti will burn evenly and for a long time. Use this tip and you’ll impress your grilling buddies.

Slick foam trick


It’s always nice to get more than one use out of a product, like spray foam. Daniel Franklin solved an age-old dilemma that home repair people have had for years—how to get multiple uses from one can of spray insulating foam. (Don’t know what spray foam is? It’s basically...

An oil bath

wasp hornet yellow jacket

To get rid of yellow jackets in your yard, take a large baking tray and fill it with vegetable oil. Lay the tray on the ground near the swarming yellow jackets. They land in it and drown in the oil. If you need to bait the oil to draw...

Hard to handle

Old age, a stroke or arthritis can make it difficult to use your hands, which makes it difficult to use small tools. To hold your fingernail clippers, get strips of Velcro with glue on the back and wrap it around the clippers ‘ the small hooks will give you...

Pop open a cold one

If you’re ever out in the woods or fishing and you get a cut, you still need to clean it out. If you don’t have some kind of antibacterial agent with you, use beer. That’s right, beer is an antibacterial agent.

Disappearing ink

WD-40 can remove temporary tattoos from your skin. (Don’t ask how I know this.) And if you’ve never heard, this amazing product can remove nail polish from your hardwood floors. I love WD-40 almost as much as I love duct tape!

Helps paint move, too

A friend called me the other night with a dilemma. He had accidentally spray painted one of his new leather shoes and wanted to know how to get the paint off. I suggested WD-40 and he gave it a shot. It worked like a champ. The WD-40 didn’t even...

Sleepy-time smell

Put a fabric softener sheet in your sleeping bag before storing it. The bag will smell much better the next time you use it.